League of Legends - Ocelote finds a new home in Gamers2

By Tam Mageean
league of legends gamers2

Everyone's favorite League of Legends player, Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez has announced his new gaming ground as midlaner for the newly forged professional mmo outfit, Gamers2.

Ocelote spent most of last season on the bleachers with SK Gaming, due to his "toxic" and volatile behavior in-game, and cut his teach in the professional PvP scene of mmorpg, World of Warcraft. Despite his inactivity last season, he earned a reputation as one of the biggest earners in eSports, a title he accounts to personal branding, rather than winning. His branding mantra has certainly worked, earning him seas of subscribers and followers all across social media and a fanbase so commited, you'd think they were fighting alongside him the whole time. The Ocelote Army will be ecstatic to see him back in business, taking pride of place mid-field among a capable squad of League of Legends eSports veterans.

Ocelote will be accompanied by TCM's top-laner, Jwaow, GSU's Marksman, Yuuki 60 and two comparative newcomers, Morden and Dioud acting as Jungler and Support respectively.

Backed by Ozone and G2A.com, the new team have established an outpost in Madrid, where they will all live and train under one roof, in the newly acquired Gamers2 Mansion, which they hope to stream, train and interact with their community.

"Our mansion will be opened up to the community where they will be able to meet the players, play some paddle or basketball, have a BBQ and truly integrate and immerse themselves in the player lifestyle and get to know the team on a personal level like never before."

No news yet on where they'll sit, with regards to the European LCS, so stay tuned, as more is revealed.


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