College scholarships up for grabs in League of Legends

By Tam Mageean
league of legends college

If your parents are always telling you off for spending too much time playing mmo games, here's one to keep them happy; League of Legends could actually prove beneficial to your studies! College students all over North America are eligible for up to $100,000 worth of college scholarships, in what has been coined the largest collegiate tournament ever.

Up to 1024 teams are expected to attend in a single elimination, best of 3, Riot-backed tournament, across 4 US regions. Most slots are set to go to teams attending accredited schools in the United States, although Canadian students are also eligible to apply too. There are also slots available for teams competing in the IvyLoL and CSL leagues, who are currently competing for automatic grouped placement.

The top 4 from each group; Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western will compete in a NACL hosted livestream, and the final 4 will compete on the prestigious LCS stage for their piece of the $100,000 pie.

The League of Legends North American Collegiate Open starts on January 25th, running for 2 months, with the finals being held on February 22nd and 23rd. Applications are currently open; 110 different schools have already got applicants; many with 2 or 3 teams set up already. So, if you have a college team, be sure to sign up soon, before it's too late!

What mmo do you think should earn you a college scholarship? Let us know in the comments below!


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