League of Legends orders Cho’gath fans to eat the world

By Michael Jamias
league of legends chew chogath game

For April Fools' Day, the makers of League of Legends unleashed a browser minigame starring the voracious Cho’gath.

Named Cho’gath Eats the World (playfully shortened to CHEW), the browser minigame lets players control the Terror of the Void in eating fellow champions, random civilians and skyscrapers in a quest to destroy more than a dozen cities just with his jaws and claws.

Cho’gath is famous in League of Legends for his trademark passive ability that heals him for every unit killed and ground rupture attack, both of which were translated into game mechanics in CHEW.

Other heroes from the popular online rpg battle arena game also make an appearance in CHEW, including a Superman-skinned Teemo and a spinning Garen, who attempt to stop Cho’gath’s urban rampage.

But gameplay-wise, CHEW had nothing at all in common with League of Legends. Instead of the base invasion model that has made the MMO MOBA one of the most played games in the world, CHEW is an arcade-style single-player action game with old school graphics and very simplified controls. Players can move Cho’gath with the “ASWD” keys and jump with the “spacebar” key, and unleash basic attacks with the “K” key or a charged-up rupture ultimate with the “J” key.

An alternative minigame, Astro Teemo, is also available which features the loveable yordle in a side-scrolling flight piloting game where he needs to collect coins while avoiding instant death from Ash arrows, Lux rays and random electrical charges.

The minigames can be played here: CHEW Game


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