League of Legends card game leaked?

By Tam Mageean
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As the Twitter scandal continues to unravel; it's unclear as to whether or not the leaked League of Legends card game is going to be launched.

Earlier today, the Twitter account of Marc Merrill, co-founder of Riot Games was infiltrated by an unknown hacker, referred to simply as 'Jason'.

Not only did Jason gain access to this MMO chief's Twitter account, but also somehow gained access to some of Riot's assets, including the Server and Client Source to a game entitled "League of Legends: Supremacy". Although apparently images of the cards were at Jason's disposal, nothing was posted, suggesting that somebody may have issued him a cease and desist before things got out of hand. Jason described Supremacy as a fully completed, 200mb in size, competitive card game. Judging by the hacker's reaction, the game's metadata may have hinted that it's been sat on the shelf for some time. Could the World of Warcraft CCG, Hearthstone have stopped it in it's tracks? It's quite possible that Riot were waiting for Hearthstone's hype to die down before releasing this, but when Merrill finally reclaimed his Twitter account, he suggested something completely different.

According to Merrill, Jason had indeed found legitimate League of Legends loot, but it was not intended for launch. He described Supremacy as "one of the many prototypes we've experimented with." He drove home the fact that the game was not looking at a launch any time soon, if ever; "We're always working on a variety of new ideas for League & beyond. Lots of experimentation that may never see the light of day".

League of Legends Hacked Twitter

Despite this game being parked, it's gathering a lot of heat, and many are hoping to it'll be added to Riot's list of MMO games in the near future. Be sure to contact Riot and Marc to show your interest.


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