Riot exploring new camera options for League of Legends

By Tam Mageean
league of legends camera

The isometric camera angle, adopted by most MOBA mmo games has always appeared a little bit retro, harking back to the days of Sim City and Civilization, from a design perspective. With the introduction of newer and more varied MOBA's adopting different camera angles and perspectives, such as the third person, floating camera used in competitor, SMITE, the classic battlers are at risk of going from retro to dated.

Many gamers, particularly in the upper and professional tiers, have been crying out for a fairer, more modernized approach to their MOBA, stating that isometry can give players a perspective advantage.

In a recent, open discussion, between Riot and the gamers on the Reign of Gaming forums, suggestions for League of Legends visual improvements were put forward, and Riot described some of the things that they're doing to progress the RPG and its camera angles.

"Rotating the map is frequently discussed and was even prototyped internally. We abandoned the idea for several reasons, but primarily because the map did not feel as much like SR when we did it. We are in development on various things to accomplish the goal that rotating the map is trying to solve."

Reading into the discussion, it seems that although it is possible, it'll take a lot of work to accomplish, and risks undermining the current level design, as players will unintentionally lose hiding places that have been deliberately built into the game, and could even, potentially, glitch hiding places of their own. League of Legends is also optimized for the current camera angle. To keep processing speeds up, "hidden" pixels that are out of view, (due to terrain, players, NPCs etc) are momentarily deleted to prevent them from creating a drain on your computer. Adding new dimensions would complicate this.

In addition, talks of "flipping" map views and weathering terrain were also suggested, but the resulting effects has been considered "confusing".

Is there anything you're like to change in League of Legends to improve visuals? Let us know in the comments section below!


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