League of Legends busts out Braum champion art and screenshots

By Michael Jamias
league of legends braum art screenshots

All you League of Legends marksmen, beware! Braum has come down from his icy mountain home, and is now ready to take the full brunt of your auto attacks with his shield abilities and even slam you with an area frost attack.

But before we preview his in-game screenshots, let's appreciate his muscular physique and manly mustache in this official League of Legends Braum concept art.

League of Legends splash art Braum

From the concept art, we can imagine a few possible origin stories. He may hail from Freljord, the icy land in the northernmost part of Runeterra, which is also the home of other champions in the MMO MOBA such as Ashe, Trundle, Lissandra and Sejuani.

Braum also has a connection with the ram, which is the animal emblem on his gigantic shield (even bigger than Leona's!) and power belt.

Riot Games has also unveiled a montage of League of Legends Braum screenshots, which show off his abilities.

League of Legends screenshots Braum

The upper left is most probably the Braum ultimate, and it looks like it will deliver quite a bashing and hard crowd control. The upper right is either an aura or self buff, but it's anyone's guess what it does. The lower left image is just Braum posing. While the lower right screenshot further solidifies rumors that he will either the combat rpg role of either a support or tank champion.

What do you think about Braum's look and ability visuals? Slam your comments below!


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