League of Legends All-Star tickets on sale today

By Michael Jamias
league of legends all star ticket sale

Want to travel to France to watch your favorite League of Legends pro, or root for your region to win in the All-Star Invitational tournament from May 8 to 11? Then grab a League of Legends All-Star ticket as they go on sale today.

The League of Legends All-Star ticket sale starts at exactly 9AM PDT, and given the limited space of the Le Zenith venue in Paris, France plus the mammoth popularity of the MMO MOBA across the Atlantic, you would be wise to book now at lolesports.com.

The four-day event which lasts from May 8, Thursday, to May 11, Sunday, will consist of the All-Start Invitational and All-Star Challenge.

The All-Star Invitational will see the best teams from each of the 5 major regions -- the winners of NA LCS, EU LCS, LPL, GPL and OGN Champions -- to battle it out in a round-robin qualification format during the first two days. The top four teams will move on to best-of-three semifinals and then to a best-of-five final to decide which region's team will take home the $50,000 grand prize.

Meanwhile, the All-Star Challenge will see fan favorite League of Legends pros showcase their brilliant creep-killing, champion-vanquishing action rpg mechanics. What will they compete in? Fans also get to decide on the modes. Fan voting is ongoing on each region's respective League of Legends official website. Fan voting lasts for a couple of weeks so go rally support for your favorite pro and game mode.


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