League of Legends reveals Aatrox, the Darkin Blade

By Michael Jamias
league of legends aatrox revealed

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade, literally cuts a demonic figure as he joins the League of Legends as the latest top lane melee champ.

The rpg lore describes Aatrox as one of last survivors of a near-extinct race, Darkin, with a mysterious origin and unparalleled mastery in blood blades. Aatrox’s one-handed greatblade – similar to that used of the champion Kayle -- drains the life force of those it slashes and skewers. In the MMO MOBA this translates into a basic attack-dependent and sustain-heavy playstyle.

Similar to previous League of Legends champs Mundo and Vladimir, Aatrox uses health as his main resource instead of mana. Whatever health he uses to cast his skills are then stored in his Blood Well passive, which activates when he drops to zero health and refills him with the charged health, making Aatrox a particularly strong duelist and a longer-lasting presence even when focused down on team fights.

For his active abilities, Aatrox has very flexible abilities that allow him to chase and engage or escape and disengage depending on the situation. He can use the first skill Dark Flight to close in and knock up targets, and wreak havoc on closely located champions with the skill’s splash damage. Or he can use Dark Flight to flee a losing fight, or disrupt pursuers as the team makes a quick escape.

His second active skill Blood Thirst heals Aatrox every third attack, or can be activate to deal bonus damage instead of healing Aatrox.  This skill alone puts Aatrox’s enemies on high alert. One minute the Darkin champ might simply be fending off harass with his sustain skill, but the next he can activate it and go aggressive when the jungler ganks.

The third active skill Blades of Torment damages and slows enemies caught in its line of strike. Hitting a champion refunds Aatrox health, similar to the ultimate of Irelia. During the laning phase, this is a great farming tool. But in team fights this will enable kiting, crowd control, sustain and area damage.

His ultimate, Massacre, unleashes nova-like area damage and then provides him with a significant boost in attack speed and range. This has no health cost.

With League of Legends' Aatrox revealed, it’s only a matter of time before Riot’s Phreak rolls out a spotlight video. But first, what did you think of his skill set and visual design?


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