League of Legends previews absurd Ultra Rapid Fire update

By Michael Jamias
league of legends 2014 april fools

It's April Fools, so Riot Games decided to have hilarious fun by previewing a dystopic League of Legends future where players spam spells with almost no cooldown and have limitless mana.

Riot Games tries to trick us into believing these changes will be implemented in the upcoming season -- and the League of Legends 2014 April Fools prank might have worked if not for the sheer absurdity of giving 80% cooldown reduction at the start of the game and giving the already powerful marskman champions more attack speed buffs.

The League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire video shows the ridiculous action rpg mayhem that will result if a bunch of nine-year-olds hijack Riot Games and decide they want to make the MMO MOBA a battle of who can press buttons the fastest.

For bonus laughs, Riot Games went the whole nine yards, publishing a detailed mock patch notes where they wrote absurd reasons for the changes.

On the deletion of Kassadin from the champion pool: "With the recent Kassadin rework, we witnessed a few cases where he wasn't automatically banned or, even when he wasn't banned, wasn't auto-picked regardless of team synergy in ranked solo queue. We've since rectified this by disabling him."


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