League of Legends LCS 2014 kicks off worldwide

By Tam Mageean
league of legends 2014

It feels like it was only yesterday, but the League of Legends LCS Championships wrapped up 3 whole months ago. Fortunately, with the likes of Red Bull eSports and the Intel Extreme Masters series, we've been more than entertained during the hiatus, and all of our favorite League of Legends pro's have been, assuredly, far from rested, and we've seen almost as much off-season action as we saw on-season.The battle rpg also received a polish during the break, and has been rebalanced in the hope of pushing Junglers and Supports into the forefront, with the inclusion of "Trinkets" and new camps to raid.

Despite all the big gaming reshuffles, patches, transfers and the disappearance and dissolution of two entire teams, Quantic and Velocity; most players have had plenty of opportunities to practice during the big winter break, but now, the mmo community will finally get to see if all of the hard work has been worthwhile.

The season kicks off today, with the European League battling it out in a 3-day gauntlet, followed by North America's own trials, starting on the 17th.

All of the old favorites are back, from Fnatic and Gambit BenQ in Europe, to Cloud 9 and Evil Geniuses in the West, there'll be 32 match-ups across 6 days of intense battle; complete with re-ignited rivalries and some incredible lane vs lane stand-offs, in what fans are describing as "Super Week".

So, are you excited for the new season? Let us know your LCS 2014 predictions in the comments section below.


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