Dutch Soccer Player Edgar Davids Wins League of Legends Lawsuit

By Jeff Francis
Dutch soccer player wins League of Legends lawsuit

It's a fact that mmo games often take inspiration from books, movies, and even other games. Where would online fantasy gaming be without Dungeons and Dragons, which, in turn, was built upon the foundation of writings like J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard. Of course, there is a difference between "inspiration/homage" and using a person's likeness, which was the case in a recent League of Legends lawsuit where retired soccer player Edgar Davids recently won a verdict against Riot Games.

League of Legends Striker Lucian skin

The League of Legends lawsuit was over the Striker Lucian skin found in the game, which was released before the World Cup in 2014. The similarities between Edgar Davids and the skin are immediately recognizable. Edgar Davids was well known for his trademark dreadlocks and the protective goggles he wore on the field. A Dutch court found that Riot Games had profited off his likeness and ordered to pay restitution based upon how many of the Striker Lucian skins had been sold in the country. This case was definitely helped by a now-deleted Tweet from a Riot Games employee stating that the skin was based upon Edgar Davids.

There is an interesting twist to this League of Legends lawsuit over the Striker Lucian skin. When the skin first came out in 2014, Edgar Davids thanked the competitive free mmo for the skin. However, it appears that Davids had a change of heart as his lawyers wrote Riot Games in late December of 2015 to remove the Striker Lucian skin. Some gamers have complained about this about-face by Edgar Davids, but it's highly likely that he felt compelled to file the League of Legends lawsuit to protect his intellectual property rights (his image) for the future. In the end, the actual reward shouldn't be too much of a burden for Riot Games as the verdict only applies to sales of the skin within that particular country.

Do you think Edgar Davids was right to file the League of Legends lawsuit? Let us know in the comments below.


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