Australian League of Legends Reality Show Coming Soon

By Jeff Francis
League of Legends reality show announced

Just when you think the world of mmo games can't get any weirder, something comes along to remind you that it can. The worlds of TV and online gaming are set to collide in one of the worst entertainment genres (but which is still wildly popular with viewers). An upcoming League of Legends reality show, called The Next Gamer, has been announced and will air in Australia.

The League of Legends reality show is set to work along the following guidelines. First, a total of 40 individuals will take part in The Next Gamer. These 40 players will compete over five days to win a spot in The Next Gamer house. There will be daily challenges and tournaments that will test mental fortitude, physical fitness, and teamwork. After the initial five days, ten contestants will move to the house where they will battle each other for a week. At the end of the week, the five remaining players will face some of Oceania's top gaming teams to build their skills and teamwork.

The finale for the League of Legends reality show will be live and will feature the team of five contestants as they take on an Oceanic Pro League team to show what they have. However, it appears that true mmo glory will only smile on a single contestant. There will only be one winner on The Next Gamer, who will win $10,000 and a six month contract with one of Australia's best League of Legends teams. Such a recipe would certainly curtail the desire to work as a team, I would think.

So far, no further details on The Next Gamer have been released, such as how to possibly join the reality show or when it will actually air.


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