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How will Edgar Davids League of Legends lawsuit impact mmo games?
The world of sports and mmorpg games rarely mix except in the case of sports games that make a licensing agreement with a specific sports league. However, Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends, found itself in a courtroom facing off against a retired soccer player, Edgar Davids. The reason for this showdown was that a League of Legends lawsuit was filed by Davids over the sale of the Striker Lucian skin that Davids claimed was based upon his...
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Aug 31 2017
Top five mmo TV shows we want
The genesis of a TV show can come from many different sources. Some come from the mind of a showrunner while others are based upon movies or books. However, we're now entering a time period where an online rpg can serve as the basis of a TV show. It was recently announced that The Secret World is being adapted for television. Producer Gudrun Giddings says, "It’s one of the most character driven and well developed games I know of and naturally len...
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Aug 29 2017
Dutch soccer player wins League of Legends lawsuit
It's a fact that mmo games often take inspiration from books, movies, and even other games. Where would online fantasy gaming be without Dungeons and Dragons, which, in turn, was built upon the foundation of writings like J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard. Of course, there is a difference between "inspiration/homage" and using a person's likeness, which was the case in a recent League of Legends lawsuit where retired soccer player Edgar Davids ...
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Aug 14 2017
League of Legends reality show announced
Just when you think the world of mmo games can't get any weirder, something comes along to remind you that it can. The worlds of TV and online gaming are set to collide in one of the worst entertainment genres (but which is still wildly popular with viewers). An upcoming League of Legends reality show, called The Next Gamer, has been announced and will air in Australia.The League of Legends reality show is set to work along the following guid...
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Jul 31 2017
Top five eSports popularity study takeaways
Just a few years ago on one of the ESPN channels, a member of a sports journalists panel brought up the topic of eSports and its growing popularity. The reaction from the other journalists was laughter and utter condescension towards eSports and its fans. They refused to even consider that immensely popular mmo games and shooters of a competitive nature to be worthy of any attention at all. But, oh, how the tables are turning. ESPN is losing abou...
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Jun 24 2017
eSports popularity rivals traditional sports
For what seems forever, the conventional wisdom has said that the popularity of traditional sports would never be supplanted. While it is true that football has replaced baseball as America's pastime, there was never any doubt that the reign of the NFL, NBA, and MLB would remain unchallenged. Now it appears that we will see a seismic shift in our lifetimes as a new study shows that eSports popularity is almost equal to that of traditional sports ...
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Jun 06 2017
How the future of eSports may not be bright
Without a doubt, the popularity of eSports continues to rise. Tens of millions of gamers regularly watch tournaments being streamed online, and the prize pools for the largest tournaments often reach a million dollars or more. Some of the biggest mmo games on the market are heavy hitters in the eSports arena, and many fans figure that the sport will continue to get bigger and bigger. While some can say that the future of eSports looks quite rosy ...
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May 30 2017
University of Utah offering eSports scholarships
The conquest of the world by eSports continues unabated. The number of gamers playing competitive mmo games continues to grow at a rapid pace, and the same can be said for the tens of millions who regularly watch tournaments from around the world. Playing video games can now help pay your way through college, making the admonishments given by parents over the years factually wrong. Case in point is that the University of Utah is now offering eSpo...
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Apr 05 2017
Top five eSports
Over the years, video games have become a huge business. Tens of millions of players fire up their consoles or computers every day to play everything from single-player rpgs to mmofps games. In fact, hit games now generate more revenue than the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. The rise of eSports is another important component in this massive surge of popularity and sales. It seems every week features another major eSports tournament where the pri...
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Feb 24 2017
League of Legends Faker livestream sets record
There are times when reality does not live up to expectations, or as Spock said in Star Trek, "You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting." Such was the sentiment expressed by some mmo players watching the first Twitch livestream by the legendary League of Legends Faker. The very first Faker Twitch livestream was a huge event, and it broke the record of livestream viewers as more than 245,000 concurrent viewers tuned...
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Feb 07 2017