Gamigo takes over NA license for Last Chaos

By Michael Jamias
last chaos gamigo na license

Gamigo has acquired all the licensing rights to publish Last Chaos in North America from Aeria Games.

gamigo declined to disclose the conditions for the license takeover deal, but suggested that its success in growing the European version of the online rpg proved pivotal to the transaction. Currently, the European version has attracted millions of fans into its player ranks, and gamigo is hoping to repeat its success stateside.

"We set a clear sign for growth by acquiring the North American license for Last Chaos right before the end of the year," says Remco Westermann, CEO of gamigo AG. "We were already able to celebrate considerable success with this game in Europe. By expanding our portfolio, we're giving our still young location in San Francisco the best position to start into the new year."

Last Chaos is a free to play mmo that was released back in 2006, and features a chaotic fantasy world where gods, demons and humans are embroiled in epic conflict.

The game mainly attracts fans of dungeon crawls and siege battles, as well as realistic combat system that emphasizes on timing, positioning, skill and team coordination.


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