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  • Last Chaos: character

    Last Chaos: character
    Not many options in character creation but there is a special class where you need to have a character at level 100 in order to cr...
    Last Chaos: character

    Last Chaos: mercenary pets

    Last Chaos: mercenary pets
    You can summon mercenary pets to fight alongside you even at early levels....
    Last Chaos: mercenary pets

    Last Chaos: Randol

    Last Chaos: Randol
    The town of Randol where you find various merchants....
    Last Chaos: Randol

    Last Chaos: costumes

    Last Chaos: costumes
    Get lots of cool costumes from events and the item store....
    Last Chaos: costumes

Last Chaos Gameplay

Last Chaos Gameplay

Last Chaos is one of the first rpg games published by popular gaming portal Aeria Games. The game was released in 2006 and is based in an epic fantasy world where war is common and demons wait around every corner. Last Chaos includes 6 classes, all of which follow typical RPG archetypes, although each class has an impressive selection of skills available. Players with enough determination will be able to unlock more specific roles for their class, increasing certain aspects at the cost of others. This feature creates far more character diversity, allowing for players of the same class to fulfill different roles.

One of the most prominent features in Last Chaos is the combat and combat animations. All character skills are accompanied by highly detailed animations, allowing the Rogue class to back-flip and jump through multiple attacks. This also extends into the combat system as skills are not simply dumped into single target or AoE spells, instead they are skill based. If a player is surrounded by monsters and times his attack correctly, any monster caught in the animation will get damaged. This creates a very realistic combat system and is easily one of the most appealing aspects to Last Chaos.

As well as typical character progression, gaining experience points to level, players can also level skills individually. All skills, abilities and weapon attacks have their own progression paths, allowing players to focus on certain abilities that they enjoy using, making each of them stronger as time goes on. This creates for a very unique character customization system, especially when combined with the advanced classes. This means Last Chaos players can meet others of the same class but will be built in totally different ways.

By Rachel Rosen


Gamigo takes over NA license for Last Chaos

Gamigo has acquired all the licensing rights to publish Last Chaos in North America from Aeria Games. gamigo declined to disclose...
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