La Tale welcomes back players with new events

By Tam Mageean
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As far as 2D mmorpg games go, La Tale is one of the longest standing, and, as with all old mmos, it craves fresh faces to reinvigorate the servers as it ages.

La Tale may have lost players over the years, but the developers aren't holding a grudge. As of today, OGPlanet are hosting two "Welcome Back" events for returning heroes. If you still hold any accounts containing Level 10 to Level 55 characters, this months occurrences have been made for you in mind, and the developers sincerely hope you take advantage of the awesome prizes that they've put up for grabs, just for you.

In a campaign that they have titled, "Forgotten Dreams, but Returning Heroes", La Tale is hoping to entice back its veterans with rewards, prizes and packages, by inviting them to its two new events; Will of Flame and Re-Awaken from the depths.

Re-Awaken from the depths is specifically targeted towards players, returning to the mmo, who have been inactive for over a month, with a character of Level 10 or higher. All you need to do to take part is log in, and a Welcome Ring is yours, just for sticking around. If you can show Iris your commitment to the cause in this event, you could also win yourself one of Toma's Fashion Coupons too!

The big stuff comes in the other Event; Will of Flame, where participants who are keen to level up can receive either a Glorious Victory Package or a Champion Veteran Package, packed with Armor, Weapon and Style coupons to spruce up your returning hero. Packages are awarded to anyone hitting the Level 20 or Level 55 mark within the month.

If you'd like to know more, be sure to check out the official La Tale events press release.


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