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La Tale Demigod update preview
There are a lot of reasons for players to get excited about an update to their favorite online rpg. Usually players get to look forward to some challenging new content or the introduction of new features, but the best possible component of any update is a new class. There's just something about an online game getting a new class for players to try out. It's kind of like the virtual equivalent of that new car smell. The latest update for the La Ta...
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Dec 09 2016
la tale card master class
Care for your weakness, mortals. The La Tale Card Master class looks to exploit every advantage in the MMO with his sly card abilities.La Tale Card Masters subdue targets with magical card attacks. And for stronger opponents, they can use their enemies' strengths against them. Experienced Card Masters will be able to collect Cards for their binders. At level 50, they will stumble upon a class advancement crossroads with one path to the High ...
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Aug 20 2015
la tale genesis episode release
La Tale heroes have two new hunting grounds as the latest episode for the MMORPG goes live. The La Tale Genesis episode unlocks the path to the Vanaheimr and Yggdrasil maps, both of which are populated with tough bosses. The Vanaheimr map pits players against the frightening Odin while the Yggdrasil map brews trouble through the Kazno boss fight.Along with the new maps, the Genesis episode raises the challenge meter through four new dungeons...
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May 25 2015
la tale event
As far as 2D mmorpg games go, La Tale is one of the longest standing, and, as with all old mmos, it craves fresh faces to reinvigorate the servers as it ages. La Tale may have lost players over the years, but the developers aren't holding a grudge. As of today, OGPlanet are hosting two "Welcome Back" events for returning heroes. If you still hold any accounts containing Level 10 to Level 55 characters, this months occurrences have been made for ...
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Mar 05 2014