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  • La Tale: char

    La Tale: char
    Character creation is very simple. Pick your class and name and get right into the side scrolling action....
    La Tale: char

    La Tale: up

    La Tale: up
    La Tale is a side scrolling MMO. Hit 'up arrow' to change zones when you stand on a warp zone....
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    La Tale: combat

    La Tale: combat
    Attacks are directional based. That means there is no need to 'lock on' to enemies. Just aim and swing....
    La Tale: combat

    La Tale: loot

    La Tale: loot
    The rabbit... things are dead. Now what? Hit v to open its 'bag' and then space to loot your rewards....
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La Tale Gameplay

La Tale Gameplay

La Tale Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMO from developer Actoz Soft. It features side-scrolling combat action made popular by similar RPG games like MapleStory, and game environments and characters drawn in a cutesy 2D anime style. There are a total of 32 classes available when creating a new character, and these fall into five class archetypes – Warriors, Knights, Wizards, Explorers and Engineers. The difference between these class archetypes manifests in the type of weapons and armor they have access to, and some possess special abilities as well, like how the Explorers have the exclusive skill to open locked boxes. All five class archetypes can push out decent damage given the right gear, combo execution, and mob positioning. Higher levels unlock promotion advancements for each class based on weapon specialization, such as how a level 80 Knight turning into a knuckle-busting Guardian for his 2nd job class.

There is a fair amount of character customization in La Tale Online. New toons can alter their hair style, hair color, eye type, eye color and skin tone. They can also mix-and-match hundreds of costume items, resulting in a wealth of wardrobe choices for players. Add to this a comprehensive crafting system, and it's safe to say that item collection and item modification will occupy a large portion of your play time. Of course, players cannot craft items from thin air; they will need to collect crafting materials, or at least accumulate enough gold for bulk purchase. This is mainly done through power questing and mob farming, which happen to be the fastest methods for leveling in La Tale Online. PvP exists in the game and can be set up even between characters of wildly different levels. The system simply raises the stats of the lower-level toon to at least give him a fighting chance against his or her opponent.

Aside from completing quests ad nauseam, La Tale Online offers a few more distractions of the non-combat kind. Virtual marriages are popular events and are a special privilege for partners who spend a certain number of hours playing together. Dedicated crafters can focus on dominating the player-run economy by selling wares via personal shops or the auction system. Social butterflies can also establish their own guild and attempt to raise its rank to provide increasing stat bonuses to each member. Recruitment is quite competitive in La Tale Online since each quest that a member completes will contribute guild experience points, and guild masters are known to bend over backwards to keep a member since his or her leaving will take out the earned guild experience points from the guild total. If you're into frenetic sidescrollers swimming with side activities, then La Tale Online just might deserve to be given that old college try.

By Rachel Rosen


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