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  • Kung Fu Panda: cutscene

    Kung Fu Panda: cutscene
    Kung Fu Panda is story driven game. You will see plenty of cutscenes while playing....
    Kung Fu Panda: cutscene

    Kung Fu Panda: attack

    Kung Fu Panda: attack
    Attack enemies by either right or left clicking with the mouse....
    Kung Fu Panda: attack

    Kung Fu Panda: items

    Kung Fu Panda: items
    Pick up items by hitting 5 on your number key....
    Kung Fu Panda: items

    Kung Fu Panda: bigger

    Kung Fu Panda: bigger
    Bigger enemies have more hit points and their hits may be harder to avoid. Use your more powerful right click attacks on them....
    Kung Fu Panda: bigger

Kung Fu Panda Gameplay

Kung Fu Panda Gameplay

Kung Fu Panda is an rpg game published by Activision, it is based on the Kung Fu Panda movies. Kung Fu Panda is a game for kids. Players can choose as a playable caracter between Po, Master Shifu, Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Crane or Mantis. Each character has a different fighting style. The panda is a very agile fighter. He might not look like he can hold his balance but, when situation demands it, he proves to be a skilled opponent. The monkey is all about speed. It can use hands, feet or even tail to fight. Monkeys may use a dirty trick once in a while. The tiger has an impressive raw strength. They always fight fair and with honor. The story in Kung Fu Panda game follows the movie. Po must defeat Tai Lung and become the Dragon Warrior. 

Kung Fu Panda players start as Po. Afer Po learns various techniques players can unlock the other characters. On his way to the final encounter Po must complete quests. There are 13 game areas, each with its own missions. Players will visit familiar locations like The Jade Palace or the Valley of Peace. As characters advance, they can visit new zones and get better equipment. There are lots of things to collect in Kung Fu Panda world. Gold coins can be exchanged for weapons and gear. Even dumplings can be found in some hidden places. Kung Fu Panda has mini games that can be divided into 3 types. There are games that test the strength of your Kung Fu Panda character. Other games require fast reflexes. Some games are all about cleverness. Some games can be played against other players. In multiplayer mode, characters like Tai Lung or the Wu Sisters are available. Competitions are varied. Kids can choose a Kung Fu Face Off or a dance contest in Kung Fu Beats. Kung Fu Panda has lots of areas that can be explored. Players can customize their clothing too. You can add friends to your friend list. Friends can send each other gifts and trade items.

A special attention was payed to soundtrack in Kung Fu Panda mmorpg. Voice acting makes Kung Fu Panda come alive. Graphics are bright and colored. Kung Fu Panda has some safety features. It has language filters and some predefined chat options. It's up to the parents if they unlock the chat or not. Parents can restrict access for certain times of the day. Community managers keep an eye on what's happening on in Kung Fu Panda. 

By Rachel Rosen

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