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Kritika Online is an action free online RPG developed by ALLM and published by En Masse Entertainment. The game has been around for a while in South East Asia region and now, thanks to the partnership with En Masse, it's coming to Europe and North America. Some of the most unique features include fast paced action, cel-shaded graphics and explosive animations. Combat is both fast paced and tactical. Kritika Online implements a combo system that offers strategic action. Players have to plan combo usage and make sure they perform the right moves at the right time to achieve maximum combo power. Kritika Online has four classes and eleven play styles. Players can also personalize their heroes with numerous customization options.

Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Scyther are the four main classes. All classes have three different specializations except Scyther who has only two. Each specialization has a different play style. Specializations are built on main class mechanics but offer unique traits that allow Kritika Online players to experience diverse fighting styles. For example, all Warriors are strong melee fighters but Warrior based characters will use different weapons and abilities depending on selected specialization. Most MMORPG games implement this specialization system. Players start with the main class and customize their heroes as they level up. Questing is the main activity that rewards XP so players are encouraged to complete as many missions as possible. Kritika Online has five types of quests. Tutorial quests help players learn new systems. The main quest is a story driven campaign. Side and bonus quests provide extra loot and XP. Daily quests are repeatable tasks. Some quests take place in shared zones while others will be instanced to provide a more personal questing experience. Kritika Online instanced quests require players to complete various tasks culminating with a challenging encounter where adventures have to defeat a mighty boss.

Multiplayer features allow players to help each other. Kritika Online is an online RPG where heroes can form parties to tackle difficult fights. They can also fight alone but it's much more fun and rewarding to play the game in multiplayer mode. Kritika Online PvE content includes dungeons, stage fights and survival style modes. PvP modes are available as well. Adventures travel from all corners of the world to clash in arena battles that decide who is the best dueler. The guild system is another form of player interaction. Other game features include crafting and pets. Kritika Online players can check out the Events section to see how they can win more rewards and discover fresh things to do.

By Rachel Rosen

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