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    Knight Online: Choose A Side
    Like most games there are two factions, one representing dark and the other light....
    Knight Online: Choose A Side

    Knight Online: Customization

    Knight Online: Customization
    Choose one of four classes and one of three races; change face appearance and hair....
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    Knight Online: Community

    Knight Online: Community
    This game has a vibrant and massive community like no other....
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    Knight Online: Combat
    The combat system is explosive... literally consists of explosions....
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Knight Online Gameplay

Knight Online Gameplay

Knight Online or Knight Online World is a fantasy, free online rpg, developed by MGame Corporation and published by NTT Game. Although Knight Online has a microtransaction system, it doesn’t encourage gearing up at the cash shop. Knight Online is most fun and rewarding when played with friends. The greatest reward is to become king of your own castle. Knight Online story is centered on a war between two factions. Players decide which faction they favor at the start of the game. The ultimate goal is to win the war for your faction. The two factions are humans (El Morad) and orcs (Karus). When creating a Knight Online character, players have a few visual details to choose from.

The most important choice that will influence play style is the job selection, meaning which Knight Online class you choose. Knight Online has the traditional rpg classes: warrior, rogue, magician and priest. Warriors have good hp and that makes them suitable for a tank position. Rogues are melee dps that prefer to strike fast and unnoticed. The Magicians use fire, glacier and light spells. Priests are a flexible class that can provide healing, support and dps for their team. Depending on the selected Knight Online faction, class specializations might have different names but they offer the same functionality. All classes share 5 stats: power, strength, agility, intelligence and magic. Warriors and Priests favor power. Agility is very important for Rogues. Intelligence and Magic are primary stats for Magicians. When characters level up, they receive points to invest in stats of their own choice.

Knight Online players gain XP only when killing high level monsters. That’s why it is best to play with a group. The leveling process goes much faster when teaming up with other players. Killing mobs is actually pretty challenging as players can lose XP if they die while fighting. If too much XP is lost, players can even lose levels. Killed mobs will drop all sorts of items. Knight Online has additional storage facilities where you can keep valuable items, rather than carrying them in your inventory. Unusable items or junk can be sold to merchant NPCs for a bit of in game money. Knight Online merchanting system works like an auction house. This is a good way to transform unwanted items into a nice profit. Weapons and armor can be upgraded and that’s an important gameplay feature. Knight Online has several PvP challenges. Players can adventure into free PvP zones or take part in PvP events. Knight Online mmo has several expansions and is constantly updated with new content.

By Rachel Rosen

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