Knight Age Marches Into Open Beta

By Michael Jamias
knight age open beta

Knight Age, the free online rpg based on 3D mounted combat, has moved into open beta with developers introducing more mounts, more pets and a new PvP War system.

The open beta version of Knight Age doubles the available mounts from the closed beta – “everything from hhoves to paws to claws, and even a quacky surprise: players can now discover a hidden avian mount and ride into combat on a duck!” said developer Joymax.

Unlike mounts in most other MMORPG games, those in Knight Age level up and bestow their riders with additional stat and power boosts. The open beta also doubled the number of pets in the Pupa system, which means more to collect out in the field, in boss lairs and in the cash shop.

But Joymax said the most anticipated feature launching in open beta is the PVP War system. “This colossal PVP mode can support up to 1 vs. 100 and will determine who will be the sole owner and wielder of Excalibur!”

The open beta also brings much needed support to guilds through the new Legions system. “Legions will be able to take the field against other guilds for the Order of Knights, which pits 50 vs. 50 in mounted combat.”

As a bonus boon to Knight Age open beta testers, all characters created moving forward can be saved and carried over when the online rpg launches officially.


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