Knight Age Rides Out to Official Release

By Michael Jamias
knight age official release

Knight Age, a riding-heavy 3D fantasy mmo from Joymax, launched worldwide this September 3 after an action-packed week of open beta.

Knight Age went into open beta starting last August 28 which functioned more as a dry run than as a bug-testing session. Developers revealed that the game was running smoothly in open beta due to changes it had made following feedback gathered from as early as closed beta.

“We have made all the necessary changes and adjustments following our Closed Beta Test,” said Joymax in a release. “We spent a month before starting the Open Beta Test fine-tuning the game so now we are confident it is ready and prepared for official release.”

Characters made in the open beta phase can be carried over to the actual release. Joymax also promised more dungeons, mounts and Pupa pets now that the online rpg is finally open for public play.

“With the official launch there will be even more to explore. Dungeons include not only enemies, but puzzles that require players to use both their skill and brain. As the game also includes a ‘looking for group’ system, players can quickly gather together similar leveled allies to conquer these more challenging game sectioms,” said Joymax.

The online rpg has also lined up a full suite of prize events, with new laptops and gaming sets up for grabs, for those who join in on the mounted action during the release period.


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