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knight age valentines events
The Season of Hearts brings sweet fun to the mmo with events scheduled till the first week of March. One of these Valentine’s themed events for Knight Age is “Stop the Sneaking Trafficker’s Trading”, an hourly event where players will need to thwart the smuggling of chocolates to Amarath merchants. There is also the “Please Give Chocolates to My Prince” event where players can assist Nia locate her missing love and give him chocolates. Those wi...
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Feb 18 2013
knight age open beta
Knight Age, the free online rpg based on 3D mounted combat, has moved into open beta with developers introducing more mounts, more pets and a new PvP War system. The open beta version of Knight Age doubles the available mounts from the closed beta – “everything from hhoves to paws to claws, and even a quacky surprise: players can now discover a hidden avian mount and ride into combat on a duck!” said developer Joymax. Unlike mounts in most othe...
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Aug 29 2012
knight age official release
Knight Age, a riding-heavy 3D fantasy mmo from Joymax, launched worldwide this September 3 after an action-packed week of open beta. Knight Age went into open beta starting last August 28 which functioned more as a dry run than as a bug-testing session. Developers revealed that the game was running smoothly in open beta due to changes it had made following feedback gathered from as early as closed beta. “We have made all the necessary changes a...
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Sep 04 2012