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  • Knight Age: Character Creation

    Knight Age: Character Creation
    Simplistic but done nicely, four classes available....
    Knight Age: Character Creation

    Knight Age: Entry

    Knight Age: Entry
    Logging in you are faced with a random house and a nicely animated world....
    Knight Age: Entry

    Knight Age: World Size

    Knight Age: World Size
    Some nice architecture and community size....
    Knight Age: World Size

    Knight Age: Combat

    Knight Age: Combat
    Classic animated numbers, capable of seeing other people's damage....
    Knight Age: Combat

Knight Age Gameplay

Knight Age Gameplay

Knight Age, developed and published by Joymax, is a new entry on the free mmorpg games list. Knight Age has several notable features but the most exciting is the pets and mounts system. Mounts are an important part of Knight Age because they are used in combat. Mounted players can organize themselves into battle formations and fight as a cavalry. This makes the whole combat experience more dynamic and strategic. Pupas are pets in Knight Age. Pupas hatch from eggs. They help the player when fighting mobs and can also provide gear enchants. Pupas can advance based on a leveleling system. The more advanced they are, the better enchants they offer. Pupas can act like quest NPC sometimes.

Knight Age has 4 class types, each with a background story. The knight is not very tall but has an excellent physical condition. He has plenty of stamina and strength to resist attacks. A knight's favorite weapon is the sword. He starts as an adventurer who wishes to become a great hero. The Mage received training in the magic arts since early childhood. Having inborn magical abilities, she learned to master the elements on water, fire, earth and wind in no time. She become aware of a dark energy and quickly concentrated all efforts to eradicate this threat. The Archer comes from a family with a military background. Showing great precision, she became one of the best archers and hoped to inherit the precious artifact Arrow of Wind. Something unexpected happened and now the Arrow of Wind is lost. With her family honor at stake, the archer won't stop at nothing to recover the Arrow of Wind. The Warrior is well versed in the arts of war. Wielding a giant two handed sword, no enemy is a match for the warrior. He will answer any battle call even if that means traveling to unknown, distant areas. Players can choose any of the 4 classes as a playable character in Knight Age free online rpg. A few visual customization options are available.

Knight Age free mmorpg strongly encourages player interaction. Players can form Orders of Knights (guilds). Knigh Age PvP system supports guild battles of maximum 100 players. PvE dungeons can have more types. There are solo dungeons for just one player. There are dungeons with mounted combat. Dungeons are not always the same. They have mechanics that change based on players input. Lots of quests and missions await players. Knight Age is a fun game with an easy going atmosphere.

By Rachel Rosen


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