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  • King of Kings 3: character

    King of Kings 3: character
    Choose your class and customize your character. The game uses a stylized graphics style, similar to World of Warcraft. Weapons are...
    King of Kings 3: character

    King of Kings 3: quest objectives

    King of Kings 3: quest objectives
    Click on quest objectives to have your character automatically run to the right NPC....
    King of Kings 3: quest objectives

    King of Kings 3: level

    King of Kings 3: level
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    King of Kings 3: level

    King of Kings 3: Santa costume

    King of Kings 3: Santa costume
    You can buy extra costumes from the in game store. Or just receive a Santa costume for free. Christmas in May?...
    King of Kings 3: Santa costume

King of Kings 3 Gameplay

King of Kings 3 Gameplay

King of Kings 3 is a highly in-depth, free to play MMORPG from Gamigo. King of Kings 3 has a heavy focus on PvP and RvR combat. King of Kings 3 is filled to the brim with exciting and innovative features, all of which help to fulfill the purpose of an intense player versus player experience.

PvP is the core of King of Kings 3 and everyone knows, the more people in PvP, the more exciting it is. To help develop the PvP scene King of Kings 3 has one of the most expansive guild systems ever created. There are 4 types of guild ranks, Guild, Legion, Kingdom and Realm. To begin with, all groups begin at the basic rank of Guild, if the members are able to complete a number of assigned quests and tasks, the leader can upgrade the guild to Legion rank. The same process applies to increase the levels up to Realm, with the requirements and quests becoming more difficult the higher the rank. Improving your guilds can rank offer huge benefits, you're able to get a monthly salary for fighting for your guild, your guild leader can even sell you land for you and your guild mates to construct your own buildings on. The buildings vary from simple log cabins to huge fortresses. If your guild is capable enough to reach the Kingdom level, your guild master is declared a King and has access to a royal mount, all guild members also get access to Kingdom specific weapons and armor.

King of Kings 3 also has one of the most advanced class systems ever seen in an MMORPG game. Boasting over 25 different classes, there are thousands of combinations of skills and equipment. Players begin the game choosing a basic class and can expand into any of the 25+ classes as they progress through the King of Kings 3.

There are dozens of other interesting features in King of Kings 3, such as thousands of available quests, the ability for players to build their own houses and towns, mini-games, a great crafting system and even the ability to be able to tame and control your very own Drake. King of Kings 3 boasts some really great features and is arguably one of the best MMORPG titles released in recent years.

By Rachel Rosen

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