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    Kabod Online: character
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    Kabod Online: Combat
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Kabod Online Gameplay

Kabod Online Gameplay

Kabod Online, developed and published by Kabod Entertainment, is a free mmorpg aimed at a more mature playerbase. Kabod Online features violent scenes and some adult content. Adventures take place in a fantasy medieval Europe. More and more citizens and soldiers fall victim to war and to the black plague. Magicians, wizards and all magic practitioners teamed up with the nobles to build a dimension gate so that people can migrate and start new lives. However, maintaining and operating a dimension portal takes resources and only 1000 people can pass at a time. One of the most exciting features of Kabod Online is the open PvP and criminal system. Kabod Online is designed for adults so don't be surprised to see features like NPC dating and such.

When starting Kabod Online for the first time, players are prompted with the character creation screen. There are 3 Kabod Online classes to choose from and each one has male and female models. Knights are strong, melee fighters and can train to specialize as Guardians or Berserkers. Mages are spell casters and wand users. They can train to become Wizards or Priests. Rogues are damage dealers and use light weapons. The 2 Rogue specializations are Assassin and Archer. Each class can wear specific armor to enhance its stats. Kabod Online weapons are also class locked. Choosing armor and weapons is an important part of character development. Unequipped Kabod Online characters don't stand a chance against mobs and bosses. Items can be enhanced with enchanting. During combat, items lose durability and decay over time. This effect is also visual and you can literally see your armor falling off. Being rated as mature content, you can imagine that some body parts that are normally covered become exposed. Kabod Online rpg world has several zones and each one has specific monsters. Some of the most challenging encounters are found in Kareia dungeon. NPC with different functions can be found all over the world. Players can access vendors, warehouse and portal keepers.

Pickpocketing other Kabod Online players is permitted but, it has consequences. Your honor level will decrease and you will gain villain status. Good players are considered pioneers. Players who become villains lose access in pioneer areas. The good news is that Kabod Online has a rebirth system that allows players to become pioneers again. Once a character reaches level 10, PK (player killing) becomes unrestricted. This means players can attack each other anywhere without having to flag themselves for PvP. Kabod Online free mmo has a system that allows players to date NPCs and gain some benefits. Players that want to give their Kabod Online characters a unique look should visit the item store for some cool fashion accessories. Kabod Online is continually improved and new content is added. Game mechanics are easy to pick up by both new and returning players. The developers took players feedback into consideration and enhanced Kabod Online with new skills, equipment, exciting events and in game activities.

By Rachel Rosen

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