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  • Jade Dynasty: Mediating

    Jade Dynasty: Mediating
    Mediating in safe zones will grant you bit of experience every 30 seconds which can be great if you need to afk for short amount o...
    Jade Dynasty: Mediating

    Jade Dynasty: mini games

    Jade Dynasty: mini games
    Bored while waiting for a group? Play one of the mini games and earn additional xp and some cool items....
    Jade Dynasty: mini games

    Jade Dynasty: level

    Jade Dynasty: level
    Progressing through Jade Dynasty will earn you achievement points which can later be used to buy some items or buffs....
    Jade Dynasty: level

    Jade Dynasty: Santa costume

    Jade Dynasty: Santa costume
    Acquiring Esper allows you to Invigorate (bot) which will help ease the grind to higher levels....
    Jade Dynasty: Santa costume

Jade Dynasty Gameplay

Jade Dynasty Gameplay

Developed and published by Perfect World, Jade Dynasty is an MMO RPG inspired by the ancient lore of dynasties in China. Jade Dynasty includes a vast array of oriental styled features.

There are dozens of skills available throughout the game, players can acquire Faction, Affinity and Combo skills, all of which are unique and work better in different situations. Each type of skill also requires different methods to level up, allowing players to specialize in certain skill aspects, making them more valuable in both team and solo fights.

Although the game has been released for a number of years, players can jump straight into the action via the Disciple System. Any players that are level 105+ can choose a player under level 75 to be their apprentice. The master and apprentice are then able to quest together, the master is awarded points to spend on unique skills, while the apprentice gains extra experience points. The best aspect of this is the way the quests work out with both players involved. Instead of just working together, many of the quests offer multiple objectives so each player can choose an objective to complete, making each quest require a bit more communication and team work.

Jade Dynasty also includes a great pet system. Players can earn a free pet after completing a quest at level 45, pets must be tamed before they're used by going to a NPC. Pets age as you progress through the game strengthening their various attributes and also effecting their growth potential, which is the scale used to determine their maximum strength.

Jade Dyansty is available free to play but does feature a premium store where players can purchase various items and boosts such as increased experience points and gold gain. Perfect World Entertainment are known for balancing their item malls so that it doesn't break the balance of the game.

By Rachel Rosen

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