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  • Istaria: Trade

    Istaria: Trade
    The consigner and the pawn broker can be used to sell your goods....
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    Istaria: quests symbol

    Istaria: quests symbol
    Quests are not always easy to find since they are not shown on the mini map. Look for NPCs with this symbol....
    Istaria: quests symbol

    Istaria: Dragon

    Istaria: Dragon
    It's a dragon! And he teaches me spells!...
    Istaria: Dragon

    Istaria: Santa spell

    Istaria: Santa spell
    Istaria is an older game but the spell graphics still look nice!...
    Istaria: Santa spell

Istaria Gameplay

Istaria Gameplay

Istaria is a free to play MMORPG with a paid subscription option from the development studio Virtrium, released in 2003. Istaria takes place in its namesake world, a highly diverse land filled with fantasy creatures and races, but threatened by the necromancer cabal known as the Withered Aegis. Istaria is unique in making dragons a playable race, but only for those who upgrade from free to paid subscription. Istaria dragon characters, while powerful, have a much more restricted set of skills and equipment compared to other playable races, which include fantasy staples like elves, dwarves and gnomes. Creating a unique-looking character is given emphasis in Istaria, with players given free rein on the facial features, hairstyle, hair color, clothing and even apparent age of their avatars.

In terms of classes, players can choose the path of an adventurer or a craftsman. New Istaria adventurers first train in the seven base schools, after which they can unlock up to 20 other prestige schools depending on their training in the base schools. New Istaria craftsmen have a similar training set-up, first enrolling in six base schools, after which they branch out to 13 prestige schools. This system pushes Istaria players to really study their options. Adventurers and craftsmen level up in different ways. Istaria adventurers gain experience after completing quests or killing monsters. Meanwhile, Istaria craftsmen gain experience from crafting items. It is in fact possible for a craftsman to never leave town but still advance to the highest levels. The adventurer-craftsman progression system allows alternative progression paths for combat enthusiasts and non-fighters alike.

Istaria mainly focuses on player-vs-enemy or PvE. Players are asked to take on quests, down bosses and explore dungeons with promises of loot and glory. And while dangers abound in Istaria, especially the undead serving under the Withered Aegis, death in the game is often just a slap in the wrist. There is no open world fighting and killing in Istaria. PvP combat is restricted only in the arena, which is voluntary and imposes no permanent penalties for losing. Istaria has a vast, 900-square kilometer land with hundreds of secrets to uncover. There are also random world events where players can jump in and help shape the upcoming storylines. Not everyone can be brave and daring, and so while adventurers seek to bring back treasure and renown, the craftsmen focus on building arsenals and town buildings. Istaria craftsmen can fashion the most powerful weapons in-game, or erect grand structures that change the visual landscape of the town. Probably the best thing about Istaria is the flexibility of play options, since you can switch from being an adventurer to a craftsman, and vice versa, without needing to re-roll a new character.

By Rachel Rosen

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