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Insidia is a free to play strategy game created and published by Bad Seed. The game has a post apocalyptic theme but it's not a story driven experience. The aim of the game is to provide a competitive environment for players to take part in quick and exciting matches. Insidia is not a MMO game. The featured content offers turn based matches in which player controlled teams fight against each other and complete objectives. There are no PvE missions or quests. The gameplay is very strategic and PvP oriented. To start playing Insidia, users must first assemble a squad of heroes. More than 12 different characters are available. The champion roster features all sorts of fighters, from melee steampunk knights to metamorphosed mages. Each champion has specific powers and abilities.

Knowing what characters to choose is just as important as being combat skilled. Insidia players are in charge of a team of four heroes. Just like in RPG games online where players work together, these four player controlled heroes will cooperate to meet the objective. They must be selected based not only on their individual skills but also on how effectively they play as a team. The gameplay features a combo system that is easy to use, flexible and engaging. Some champions work really well together and they are able of achieving combo moves. Players should take this into consideration when building a team. Users can customize their teams and replace champions to discover new ways to play the game. Insidia matches are fought according to a simultaneous turn based system. This means that players don't have to wait for their opponent to finish their turn, however, champions perform skills and abilities in a certain order. Insidia rules are very simple but players shouldn't be deceived as the game hides a deep level of strategy. It may look easy but it's not. The challenge lies in building a viable team and in outsmarting the opponent. The timer makes players work against the clock. Matches last no longer than 15 minutes.

Insidia has a few game modes that provide different ways to play it. In tactical mode, players will issues commands at the same time. In resolution mode, orders are carried out one after another. Maps come with objectives as well. Insidia players gradually take control of the entire map and reach the opponent's base. The goal is to destroy the enemy headquarters. The business model borrowed from free MMO games allows all players to test the game. The customization system provides lots of skins with a unique appearance. Insidia can be downloaded from Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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