Infinity Wars introduces friends lists and matchmaking

By Michael Jamias
infinity wars friends lists matchmaking

The next two months promise other major upgrades, according to Infinity Wars developers, as the game moves past closed beta.

Infinity Wars, a futuristic online rpg and trading card game (TCG) from Lightmare Studios, had initially restricted closed beta access to gamers who pledged for its Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns. Now that those campaigns are ending, players are now being allowed to sign up for the by-invitation-only beta arriving sometime this April.

There is much incentive to apply instead of just waiting for the card battle mmorpg to launch. Beta testers in the next couple of months will be treated to a “strong of large changes and implementations.” Already this week, Infinity Wars has received both the Friends Lists and Matchmaking features that should facilitate better socialization and PvP.

Trading will also be going live soon, said Lightmare Studios, and is considered one of the cornerstones of the TCG genre. Trading allows players to indulge in their deck customization addiction, and will galvanize the player economy to start setting standard prices for all cards in the game. Not to mention new players will be able to catch up to more veteran beta testers through smart trades and friend hand-me-downs.

Still, crowdfunding backers do not have to worry about losing their advantage to incoming surge of invitation testers. Developers is in the process of converting all backers’ collections into beta platinum cards, which will have special graphics added to each card and will not be available anywhere else in game.


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