Infinite Crisis uncovers the tactical shooter Cyborg

By Michael Jamias
inifinite crisis cyborg

Infinite Crisis delivers a new and deadly android marksman in the form of the Cyborg.

Based on the trailer, the Cyborg is a heavy area damager who can also focus fire to neutralize a target. His passive, Cybernetic Targeting, is expressly designed to decimate even the most health-heavy fighters. When left untouched in the backline, the Cyborg can wipe the enemy team with his burst shots and steady stream of damage.

But the action rpg balances the new class with low survivability, especially against bruisers who can stick to him and deplete his health fast enough before he can unload his full shot combo. His superior range though allows him get some retaliation shots in against melee types should they fail to go all in or attempt to escape.

Supports are great laning partners for Cyborg because they can keep him alive long enough to reach his full potential. Building Cyborg requires collecting a lot of artifacts, which can only be done once he has spent a good time farming and securing a few kills, and usually with the help of a partner.

In a full-blown Infinite Crisis team fight, Cyborg should focus on eliminating the squishiest targets while also keeping out of harm's way. His skills allow him to be quite mobile around the mmo pile-up, but strong positioning skills from the player will differentiate between a merely good and a game-changingly great Cyborg.


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