Wonder Woman gets a mecha-makeover in Infinite Crisis

By Tam Mageean
infinte crisis mecha wonder woman

As the multiverse continues to unravel, a new hero makes her way into the forefront. Infinite Crisis has unleashed Mecha Wonder Woman into the MMO battle arena; seeking justice and peace in the name of her fallen queen.

Mecha Wonder Woman (aka D1A-NA) is a top-heavy hybrid, who can deal out serious amounts of attack and power damage, but is left wanton when it comes to defense. Armed with Glaives and shoulder-mounted cannons, her attacks are mostly dealt into the middle-distance, meaning you'll have to pick your battles and act tactically if you wish to keep her motors running. Her attacks are as follows:

(Passive) Implacable Judgement: This 3-stage passive allows you to cast raw Judgement onto your opponents. Pile up three stacks of judgement onto an enemy and they are consumed, taking bonus power damage.

Glaive Storm: Your bladed projectiles are spread-shot can be cast onto a single enemy or goup of enemies, with the first-hit recieving one stack of judgement and a bonus amount of power damage.

Afterburn: This attack ignites your thrusters, launching you forward and dealing power damage to anyone in your path. It can also be used evasively, to get you out of a tight spot.

Celerity: Provides a powerful attack speed boost, which can be lengthened in duration by offloading three stacks of judgement onto an enemy.

(Ultimate) Tempest: This attack triggers your shoulder mounted cannons, that will fire out a rapid wave of power damage into opponents for a shot period of time.

Join the beta now, and let us know your thoughts on the Rocket-Propelled Amazonion below.


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