Superman comes to save the day in Infinite Crisis

By Michael Jamias
infinite crisis superman launch

The long wait is over! Superman will be landing on Infinite Crisis this February 5. The Superman champion launch will officially make the Man of Steel available to play in the ongoing Infinite Crisis closed beta.

This Infinite Crisis Superman trailer gives a summary of his abilities, and gives tips on how to play him effectively in battle.

As seen in the video, Superman can be played as a powerful bruiser in Turbine's team-based arena action rpg. His strength lies in his ability to initiate from very long distances with his ultimate, Speeding Bullet, and dependable crowd control that lets him melt even the slipperiest of targets.

From a glance, the key to winning as Superman is to abuse his passive that grants a shield with every ability use. He should be able to shine as a backline diver that can reach squishies and stick to them long enough to unload a round of attacks until their health bar drains to zero.

The trailer also suggests priority items to turn Superman into either a damage-heavy fighter or a tankier meat shield. Health and attack damage items are great for his kit, although mmo fans should realize that despite being Superman, he can still die fast in battle when focused hard, like when he charges foolishly into the enemy team without proper follow-up from his allies.


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