Infinite Crisis previews Star Sapphire

By Michael Jamias
infinite crisis star sapphire preview

Star Sapphire, the champion of love, is heading to Infinite Crisis and she'll be ready to prey on hateful hearts starting February 26.

Are you the type who wouldn't be caught dead playing a pink-suited superhero in the upcoming MMO MOBA? Then maybe you'd reconsider once you see her strong sustained damage and kiting potential in this Star Sapphire trailer:

Star Sapphire's skills can be comboed to continually blast enemies while keeping them at bay.

A typical damage rotation from Star Sapphire begins by creating a Crystal Bomb, then triggering a Violet Harvest explosion, then cast Bonds of Love to keep the targets at a safe distance as she waits for cooldowns. If she decides to go all in, she can cast her Manifest ultimate that turns the Predator into an auto-attacking beast for greatly increased damage.

Star Sapphire plays like an rpg mage who outside of a couple of crowd control spells has no defensive capabilities.

Those who want to main Star Sapphire must master kiting targets with Bonds of Love, and knowing whether she has enough damage to go all in. That's becuase once Star Sapphire gets caught by sticky melee bruisers, she will quickly melt. In a teamfight, she works best spamming her damage skills in the safety of the backline.


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