Infinite Crisis introduces Robin

By Tam Mageean
infinite crisis robin

It has been a long time coming for the Boy Wonder, and at long last, the Caped Crusader's budding sidekick has made his way to Infinite Crisis. The Infinite Crisis, Robin rendition is based on the Tim Drake incarnation of Robin, who took over from Dick Grayson, following his demise; famously becoming the death-defying Red Robin later in the DC canon.

Robin's skills in the mmo are as follows:

This Guy! - Robin marks an enemy, for all to see. Robin and his allies can then attack the marked opponent, granting bonus attack damage and restoring Will or Energy.

Vault Kick - Tim Drake shows off his acrobatic side, dealing Attack Damage with a somersault kick. The attack not only has a knock-back effect, but also applies This Guy! to the enemy.

Bo Master - Drake's signature staff grants Attack Damage reflection and reduces the target's Move Speed.

Dynamic Duo - Dynamic Duo buddies you up with an ally, offering a host of buffs, and gifting bonus Will or Energy.

Emergent Leader - Robin's Ultimate deals a large wave of Attack Damage, emanating in a circle around the Boy Wonder, with a significant knock-back. For added zest, the attack will also buff that Attack and Power Damage of any allies within the attack's radius.

With all his knock-backs and buffs, Robin looks geared towards playing up-close and personal, burying himself into the heart of battle to power-up struggling allies.

Robin will be joining the rpg ranks of Infinite Crisis on December 18th.


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