Infinite Crisis announces open beta

By Tam Mageean
infinite crisis open beta

Turbine may be cutting back on some of their other mmo games, but Infinite Crisis is gearing up, as it gets busier and busier, in preparation for its launch.

It's been hiding in the background since last May, in one form or another, but the superhero MOBA is just about ready to rise, and dates for the Infinite Crisis open beta have, at long last, been announced. Earlier today, Turbine's community team told fans on the official forums the good news.

"Protectors, you've been asking us for a while when Open Beta is going to start. Each time, we've let you know that we had a very specific date in mind for when we'd begin our Open Beta phase.We are pleased to let you know that Infinite Crisis will enter into Open Beta on March 14th with our March Update."

The closed beta has been relatively accessible, but the movement to open beta shows that they're ready to get down to some real, live community testing, and of course, that an official launch date is that much closer.

In addition, the mmo giants at Turbine have announced three new champions that will all be making their way into the battle arena in Infinite Crisis' next major update. Prepare yourselves for the Justice League's keen marksman, Green Arrow, Atlantean sea-dweller, Aquaman and Mecha Superman, who like Mecha Wonder Woman, fights in memory of his organic counterpart.

Let us know what you are most excited for; the open beta, or the three new champions, in the comments section.


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