Infinite Crisis previews Nightmare Superman

By Michael Jamias
infinite crisis nightmare superman

What happens when Superman goes insane after an encounter with an ancient phantom menace? Well, we get the terrifying Nightmare Superman, a new support champion flying into Infinite Crisis on April 9.

You might find playing Controllers tedious and unexciting, but this Infinite Crisis Nightmare Superman preview just might convince you to play it more frequently:

Nightmare Superman provides energy shields to his mmorpg allies, and locks down and debuffs enemies with his ghastly abilities.

The presence of Nightmare Superman alone will shift the playstyle of opponents, especially low-health ones, who would be cautious about killing him because of his revive passive.

Nightmare Superman thrives in teamfights because of the number of buffs and debuffs he can cast. Allies become harder to kill and benefit from his crowd control and shield abilities, while enemies move slower and receive more damage as Nightmare Superman reduces their armor.

Curious about how Nightmare Superman came about? The official rpg backstory narrates that Superman's descent into madness started when he fought with and defeated Aethyr, a being in the Zone.Although victorious, Superman was infested with Phantom Zone energy and this helped fracture Superman's mind. When Superman learned that Aethyr turned his beloved Metropolis into a phantom wasteland, this proved to be his breaking point and he spent the rest of his days wandering and mourning over his failure.


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