Infinite Crisis launches Founder's Program packs

By Michael Jamias
infinite crisis founders program

Champs, perks and guaranteed access come with purchasing any of the three Infinite Crisis Founder's Program packs.

Infinite Crisis fans can buy a Founder's pack to get exclusive protector icons, champion unlocks, Crisis Coins currency and instant early access to Gotham Heights and Coast City, the two initial maps available for the upcoming MMO MOBA game. Developers have mostly previewed the Gotham Heights map, so here's a trailer to get you up to speed on Coast City.

Those who can live with the absolute essentials can choose the $19.99 Basic Founder's Program pack. It unlocks Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Batman, 800 Crisis Coins and a bronze-colored protector icon for use in-game and the forums. Crisis Coins can be spent to purchase champions, costumes, boosts and other rpg customization and power-up options in the Infinite Crisis store.

Choosing the slightly more expensive $49.99 Standard Founder's Program pack unlocks three additional champions -- The Flash, Gaslight Batman and Poison Ivy -- plus 3,200 Crisis Coins and a silver-colored protector icon. It also gives the owner the exclusive Renaissance Gaslight Batman costume.

The priciest of the bunch is the $99.99 Elite Founder's Program pack which unlocks 12 champions namely, Gaslight Catwoman, Gaslight Joker, Cyborg, Nightmare Batman, Shazam and Zatanna on top of the Standard-unlocked champs plus 8,600 Crisis Coins and a gold-colored protector icon. More excitingly, the Elite pack unlocks the exclusive Renaissance Gaslight Batman costume, Exclusive "Arkham City" Batman costume, and a guaranteed early access to the next map release, Gotham Divided.

Fans can purchase the Founder's packs here, and immediately redeem their game access to enter the ongoing closed beta. Infinite Crisis is set to release sometime this year for the PC platform.


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