Catwoman prowls into Infinite Crisis this September 30

By Michael Jamias
infinite crisis catwoman

Naughty kitty! Catwoman whips enemies into a purring surrender as the newest blaster in Infinite Crisis.

Catwoman is a mid-ranged attacker, capable of tumbling into and out of range, then striking enemies at a distance with a well-aimed whip lash. She joins the MMO MOBA this Monday, September 30.

This Infinite Crisis Catwoman trailer shows off her uncanny agility and vicious killing potential:

Catwoman can deal tremendous damage over time, but because of her medium range, she is still vulnerable to retaliation. This is where her vaunted mobility and evasion come into play. The best Catwoman players who play her in the arena combat rpg will be able to re-position her during fights to sidestep attacks while unleashing her lash and paw abilities.

Catwoman's Bad Kitty ultimate may be used offensively or defensively. She can activate it before a team fight starts to frontload a lot of damage, or use her increased mobility to chase down targets that are fleeing from a losing battle. Meanwhile on the retreat, her ultimate provides a quick and almost assured escape from pursuers.

In lane, Catwoman can chain her skills to dish out annoying harass. As a duelist, she shines when she has racked up some items that let her lifesteal and outdamage her foes in extended engagements. Lastly in all-out team fights, her constant basic attacks become deadlier when upgraded with on-hit effect items like those that apply slows, allowing her to more effectively kite opponents.


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