Infinite Crisis Reveals Blue Beetle

By Jeff Francis
Infinite Crisis Blue Beetle

A new champion is coming to fight in the DC universe at the end of April as Infinite Crisis reveals the Blue Beetle. This teenage superhero joins the ranks of the moba mmo as he wields his powerful marksman and assassin skills to push your team to victory and is adept at dealing that last powerful blow. In both Assassin and Marksman mode, Blue Beetle has the ability to go into Infiltrator mode, allowing him to change into a melee or ranged attacker depending upon the current mode being used.

Turbine's inclusion of Blue Beetle to the Infinite Crisis mmorpg is a welcome one, and this incarnation is popular with fans of the comics. While I grew up reading the Ted Kord Blue Beetle who used gadgets and specialized in bad puns with Booster Gold, the current incarnation is teenager Jamie Reyes. He found the blue scarab that is the source of his power when he stumbled into a fight between superhuman gangs who were fighting over it. The scarab wrapped him in full body armor that allowed him to escape safely. However, he learned that the scarab had permanently bonded to his body and that it was named Khaj-da, and that it was a living tool of conquest created by an alien empire called the Reach. The scarab was designed to help lead the way for the invasion of Earth, but it had been damaged, and thus was Jamie Reyes able to keep his free will intact and harness the powers of the scarab.

Blue Beetle should be a popular addition to the roster of Champions for Infinite Crisis. I just wonder if they'll ever add Ambush Bug.



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