Infinite Crisis drops first behind-the-scenes trailer

By Michael Jamias
infinite crisis behind scenes trailer

Top developers for Infinite Crisis went on cam to tell us what makes the new superhero MOBA a knockout.

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee from DC Comics started off the first Infinite Crisis behind-scenes trailer, talking about the wonder of having all these iconic characters from the comics Multiverse converge in one visceral combat arena.

Executive producer Jeffrey Steefel and lead content designer Brent Schmidt described how Turbine uses its extensive experience as a top American mmorpg games developer to bring the DC franchise into a groundbreaking genre.

The DC franchise has long been appearing as console games and even an mmorpg in the form of DC Universe Online, but Infinite Crisis is its first foray into the growing MOBA scene.

Creative director Cardell Kerr assured that long-time DC fans will not be disappointed. Their favorite heroes and villains have been designed to hook in fans with the same emotional connection as they get from reading the comics.

For competitive action rpg fans that care most about winning and having fun, lead champion designer Chris Clay said the game has been designed to foster highly competitive play. It will take skill to win in Infinite Crisis, but even when losing, fans will have fun beating up foes and destroying environments with their amazing powers.

Infinite Crisis is now in beta. Guaranteed access can be gained after purchasing one of the game's three Founder's packs.


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