Infinite Crisis video previews Batman

By Michael Jamias
infinite crisis batman preview

The Dark Knight brings his beat-'em-up brand of vigilante justice to Infinite Crisis.

In the Batman Prime Champion profile video above, we see that Batman has no qualms dashing into the frontlines. Developers of the mmo MOBA game paint Batman as an all-in energy-based bruiser who can take more than a few hits while dishing out pain through his gadgets and martial arts moves.

Batman's passive is Watching, Waiting which gives him greater killing and survivability potential while stealthed. Batman also has a couple of crowd control abilities, including the Batarang that stuns targets and the Cape Sweep that applies a slow. But the bread-and-butter damage ability for Batman seems to be his spammable Martial Arts.

Overall, Batman depends greatly on bringing down opponents faster with his sustained attack damage combos. He is great at picking off squishier targets and has a full kit designed to wear them down. But when the fight turns south, Batman has the disadvantage of lacking mobility so often his engagements will often be exciting do-or-die scenariso.

In terms of rpg lore, the Batman in Infinite Crisis originates from the Prime universe is a Hero who was orphaned at a young age when his parents were killed in a mugging incident, which led the young Bruce Wayne aka Batman to dedicate his life to fighting crime.


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