Atomic Wonder Woman makes a smashing debut in Infinite Crisis

By Michael Jamias
infinite crisis atomic wonder woman

Armed with a chainsaw of justice, Atomic Wonder Woman joins the Infinite Crisis line-up as a burst damage melee assassin.

See her slam foes and clobber enemies with her aggressive superpowers in this Atomic Wonder Woman champion profile video:

Players who plan to take Atomic Wonder Woman to battle will have to master managing her passive resource Rev, which powers up her other abilities. The key to maximizing her damage while ensuring her survival during fights is to know which skills should be activated with Rev to unlock their powerful effects, and when to use the normal version of the skills.

When using all of her skills in succession, Atomic Wonder Woman is capable of dealing a lot of damage to a single target or multiple enemies clumped in a small area.

Designed as an attack damage assassin for the MMO MOBA, Atomic Wonder Woman is as deadly as she is squishy.

Enemies will likely focus her down once she enters a team fight in order to limit her burst, but allies who throw their crowd control skills to allow her to pull off her full combo will be rewarded.

Atomic Wonder Woman players must also be able to assess the dynamics of the fight, knowing when to enter into the fray and when to pull out using her mobile escapes. RPG Games fans who quickly panic during intense situations will have a hard time handling her micro-intensive gameplay, but those who can react fast and judge situations well will be able to find satisfaction in watching her eliminate champions one burst combo at a time.


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