Atomic Green Lantern joins Infinite Crisis

By Tam Mageean
infinite crisis atomic lantern

In the beginning, there was Green Lantern. Then, in an update, we met the mythic Arcane Green Lantern, and now, new to Infinite Crisis, it's Atomic Green Lantern! Much like Arcane; Atomic Green Lantern isn't really a star in the DC comic universe, and is shining most of his lime-light on the MMO's medium instead.

This incarnation of Hal Jordan has suffered some fallout after his Power Ring was deactivated, at the cost of his right arm. His arm has been replaced by an emerald-light construct hand, that has the ability to draw in distant enemies, causing damage and stun along the way. His other ranged attack, Meltdown fires a toxic bolt at enemies, creating a radiated field around them, slowing them down and delivering AOE power damage.

Infinite Crisis Atomic Green Lantern

Although it weakens him, his radioactivity has an aggressive environmental effect, whereby he slowly infects and damages nearby opponents with the "Rads" he generates. A radioactive self-destruct titled "Scortched Earth" will also deal a mighty double blow of power damage to encroaching foes and is ideal for ambush defense.

Lastly, the new champion has an atomic shield that he can generate around himself, which is strengthened by any enemies in the proximity.

This addition evens the odds with Batman, who also has 3 versions in Infinite Crisis. Presumably, Superman is being saved for the official launch?

Atomic Green Lantern Construct Arm

Atomic Green Lantern will be lighting the way in the free mmo's closed beta from October 28th.


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