Arcane Green Lantern lights up Infinite Crisis

By Michael Jamias
arcane green lantern infinite crisis

Arcane Green Lantern might look clunkier than traditional Green Lantern, but he's guaranteed to have your back.

Going live next week on September 16, the Arcane Green Lantern serves as a rock-solid support and enforcer for any Infinite Crisis team with his versatile and utility-based kit.

Watch the Emerald Knight punish evil and preserve the good in this Arcane Green Lantern trailer:

Arcane Green Lantern's abilities allow him to dole out area damage, grant vision to enemies, provide stat boosts and healing to friendies, and disable targets with a knock-up, slow and root.

MMORPG fans who plan to play as Arcane Green Lantern will find themselves making heavy decisions: Use his abilities defensively to let damage dealers clean up the enemy team, or go aggressive to initiate and wipe out the opposition even before they have a chance to react.

Arcane Green Lantern's most iconic move is his life-saving ultimate, Deny The Black, that allows him to select an ally and teleport to his location while shielding the ally throughout the duration. This can be used to escape from sticky situations or turn the tides of battle by suddenly turning a 1v1 duel into a 2v1.

For those curious about the Arcane Green Lantern, his rpg dossier reveals that the man behind the ring is Sir Harold Jordan who fights against the Shadow League and its dark machinations in memory of his slain parents.


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