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Why did Infinite Crisis fail?
One of the more interesting features of mmo games is that, just like a living person, they go through a life cycle. In the beginning, there's the development and testing phases. Then the game springs into the world to make its mark. After a number of years, the game begins to fade as the player population dwindles. Finally, there's the final end when the game shuts down. Normally such a journey takes quite a few years, normally a decade, to go th...
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Jun 10 2015
Infinite Crisis shutting down August 14th
It's a rough day in the online world. While games like Heroes of the Storm officially launch today, hard news has hit other mmo games. First we got the news that the developers of Shadowrun Chronicles have declared bankruptcy, putting the future of the fantasy cyberpunk game in doubt. Now we learn from Turbine that Infinite Crisis is shutting down on August 14th. The DC-themed moba had just officially launched two months ago.The Infinite Cris...
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Jun 02 2015
infinite crisis official launch
Infinite Crisis has punched out of beta and officially ready to play as a fully released game!The official launch version is brimming with dozens of Champions that have been unveiled steadily over the course of the beta, as well as battle maps that include the unique 2-lane Coast City map featuring fun destructible environments and stolen powers. Infinite Crisis is free to download on Steam. To celebrate the Infinite Crisis official launch,...
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Mar 26 2015
Top 10 characters that should be in Infinite Crisis
One of the joys of superhero comic books is seeing mighty heroes and villains engaging in epic battles. This mayhem has crossed over into the Infinite Crisis moba where DC characters throw down against one another in brutal matches. The free mmo has some interesting heroes and villains already in the game, but there are literally thousands of such characters that exist in the DC universe that could be added. We offer our list of the top ten DC he...
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Mar 20 2015
infinite crisis krypto champion trailer
Krypto, the Superdog, howls into Infinite Crisis, offering topnotch support for his MMO MOBA team. Infinite Crisis Krypto is scheduled to go live on April 1, and has been given quite a powerful controller kit focused on shielding allies and disrupting enemies. But before we bite into his abilities, a quick summary of his story rpg beginnings: Krypto was made expressly by Jor-El to protect his baby son and has since been at Superman's side in pr...
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Mar 18 2015


Infinite Crisis adds Ambush Bug
Infinite Crisis is the online rpg that features intense moba action with iconic DC superheroes. While gamers have fought many matches with the likes of Superman, Batman, and the Flash, there are still comic book heroes that fans have been clamoring for to be included in the game. One of those prayers has now been answered to the fervent delight of fanboys everywhere as Infinite Crisis adds Ambush Bug to their mighty roster of heroes.The most ...
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Mar 16 2015
Is the Infinite Crisis Advocate Program worthwhile?
One of the greatest things about mmo games is the sheer diversity that they encompass. You have the traditional mmo, strategy-based ones, first person shooters, and the ever dominating moba games. Out of all the genres of online games, the moba is the most brutal and unforgiving to new players. Some are known for having an incredibly toxic environment that actually works to drive away new players, but, no matter what, you cannot deny the success ...
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Apr 03 2015
infinite crisis advocate
"Are you a friendly, knowledgeable Infinite Crisis player? Do you like to help out newbies as much as you like to tweak your amplifiers? Apply to join our brand new Protector Advocate Program!" It's becoming more and more frequent, nowadays, to see mmo developers adopt the assistance of their fans and players, in order to improve the gaming experience. Whether it's taking part in the Alpha and Beta testing, providing feedback on the forums or, i...
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Mar 11 2015
Infinite Crisis launches March 26
When Turbine announced that they were doing a moba based upon the heroes and villains of DC comics, it took quite a few gamers by surprise. The company was known for high quality mmorpg games, but one cannot deny the vast rise in popularity of the moba format. Besides, who doesn't want to bust the heads of other players while playing as Superman or Batman? While the game has been in beta for almost two years, Turbine today announced that the offi...
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Mar 06 2015
infinite crisis hawkgirl preview
The winged defender Hawkgirl takes flight in Infinite Crisis as its newest bruiser for the MMO MOBA come January 21. For a tutorial on how to smash your opponents with her aerial mobility and deadly mace, plus tips on how to build her artifacts, you can watch this Infinite Crisis Hawkgirl trailer:Based on the Infinite Crisis rpg lore, Hawkgirl is a modern-day police officer who learns she is a reincarnated Egyptian princess from the superher...
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Jan 09 2015