Impire’s Hell on Wheels mode is one devilish escort ride

By Michael Jamias
impire hell on wheels mode

Hell on Wheels is one of two new game modes added to Impire’s multiplayer mayhem, the other being the equally devious Survival mode.

Impire publisher Paradox Interactive described Hell on Wheels mode as an escort mission but with the competitiveness thermostat turned up to burning hot. Players must assist their wagon to reach the enemy base while preventing rival players from doing the same to them, resulting in lots of delirious planning and counter maneuvering.

In Survival mode, players put aside their differences and team up for co-op play to repel the onslaught of heroes all the while building enough power to finish off the invading goody-goodies.

The strategy action mmorpg also receives new options for gameplay and demon design. Players can begin using more powerful runes, new evolution and customization paths for Báal-Abaddon and easier management of hero ladders.

As the game’s name suggests, Impire puts players in the role of a demonic imp – a twist to the usual good-evil paradigm in most rpg games online – who must serve an awkwardly inept sorcerer in his quest for world domination. Impire offers a grab bag of strategy elements, including army building, minion management and hero conflict set in a grim dungeon setting.



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