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    Impire: baal
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    Impire: baal

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    Impire: raids
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    Impire: squads
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    Impire: combat

    Impire: combat
    Since Impire cannot be paushed, it gives a feeling of a real-time strategy game. Since you cannot individually control units in co...
    Impire: combat

Impire Gameplay

Impire Gameplay

Impire is a mission based strategy MMO developed by Cyanide Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. The story behind Impire is both funny and interesting. It has a fantasy theme. While most fantasy games require players to be heroes and save the world, things are completely different in Impire. You will play the part of a demon and help him spread his darkness over the world of Ardania. Báal-Abaddon, the demon in question, was captured and reduced to the size and power of a harmless imp. His jailor is Oscar van Fairweather, a most common wizard. Báal-Abaddon manages to outsmart Oscar van Fairweather and escapes. From this point on, he needs Impire players to help with his evil plans.

There are no other sides to pick in Impire except the dark side. All players experience Impire as Báal-Abaddon. Players’ armies are made up of all sorts of demons and hellish creatures. They can also cast evil spells with nasty effects. The enemies are the guys you normally play in other fantasy RPG games. You must battle and stop brave heroes. The final Impire goal is to build a dungeon from where no one can escape. This is the part where Impire gameplay gets flexible. Although there’s only one playable character (Báal-Abaddon), the Impire strategy to carry out his plans differs from player to player. There are many armors, equipment and weapons to choose from. Each player is free to use whichever upgrades he or she prefers. There are many ways to build Impire dungeons. You can come up with dungeon rooms with different functionalities and customize them with traps and other dangers. Dungeons are meant to trap the annoying heroes that keep interfering with your plans. You can take care of your opponents once and for all by capturing their souls. These trapped souls can even help you with dungeon construction.

Each completed Impire mission awards XP for you and your units. The more missions you complete, the more powerful your army will be. Units can wear equipment too. Dungeon building is a very resource demanding job. Ardania’s surface has lots of resource rich locations. Players attack and raid these areas to gather the valuable resources. There are also various Impire cards to collect. Players can build decks using these cards. Decks are another feature that makes Impire a versatile gaming experience. Impire is an online RPG that can be played with or against other players. You can team up with buddies in co-op missions. PvP challenges are on the Impire to do list.

By Rachel Rosen


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