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Epic fantasy literally soars with Icarus Online, the free mmorpg developed by WeMade Entertainment. Players take on the role of epic adventurers where they can battle amongst the skies upon the backs of mighty creatures. Built using CryEngine 3, this lushly detailed game is a Korean import and has a few unique features that will surely game gamers eagerly anticipating to saddle up.

Character creation in Icarus Online is very detailed. Why players are restricted to only one race, human, there are tons of customization options available to make each character unique. Players can choose from many different looks for eyes, body build, hair, and more. In addition, there are hordes of sliders to further customize the appearance of the player's character. Players can choose from five different classes, each with their own unique style of combat. The five classes are Berserker, Guardian, Priest, Assassin, and Wizard.

Combat in this mmorpg is fast and intense. Players can chain their skills together to perform combos. The greater in length the combo, the greater the increase in damage the player will inflict. What really sets Icarus Online apart is that combat is not restricted to the ground. This game features mounted combat, both on the ground and in the air! The game's fellow system allows players to capture monsters in the field while they are questing. Once captured, these creatures can be leveled and trained to serve as mounts. Players will be able to perform offensive actions and combos while riding their mounts. This means that players can expect to engage in some serious aerial combat as they battle to the death high above the earth. There is a wide variety of mounts available for the player to acquire, and it stands to reason that dragons will be a popular choice. How many gamers could resist swooping in to attack their foes while riding a dragon?

Another unique feature of Icarus Online is what guilds will be able to do. If a guild is large enough, it can actually be promoted to being a separate faction. Guilds can dabble in politics by owning various lands and, by doing so, be able to change the policies of the local NPCs. Lastly, guilds can own castles, which should present some interesting wrinkles when it comes to siege warfare. Players will not only have to defend the walls from intruders but also the skies above their castles as well.

Icarus Online is a mmorpg game that adds some new wrinkles to online gameplay. Intense, combo-laden combat that can be fought on foot, on a mount, or in the skies, should get players excited to start battling it out. With the advent of large guilds controlling swathes of territory or becoming a faction in their own right, players should find plenty to do in this epic fantasy game.

By Jeff Francis


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